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Updated: January 2012    
I started on the piano at age 3½, so I have played for over 30 years. I had around 13 years of classical experience before moving on to more modern styles such as jazz, pop, and contemporary music. These days my style has morphed into a kind of New World genre, but I like throwing modes into the mix occasionally, which gives my music different cultural influences.

During my high school and college years, my emphasis was on using MIDI, which is music playing through a sound module, controlled by a computer. That's where transcribing and arranging music on the computer come in.

I have several sound modules for my music studio. The first is my Roland SC-8850, a beautiful sound module with over 1600 sounds and 63 drum kits. For grooving and bumping, I use a Roland MC-909 GrooveBox for dance, trance and techno. Both of these modules beautifully complement a Roland RD-600 keyboard.

As far as recreationally listening to music, I go for most genres, but my ultimate favorite is the euro-styled Vocal Trance, which is an offshoot of the techno genre. Now hear me out before you instinctively think of all techno as crap. I do NOT like "stupid" progressive techno (defined as a bunch of non-melodic beats repeating over and over forever, which I think is annoying). Anything that has a trademark techno beat, a moving bass line, tinny square/saw/synth waves, and optional vocals is pretty sweet. Some trance has that "dreamy" feel to it, which I absolutely dig. Favorite artists in this genre of mine would include (first and foremost) OceanLab, Armin van Buren, Ferry Corsten, Michael Woods, and Kenny Hayes, to name a few.

If you head over to Digitally Imported and stream their Vocal Trance channel, there are great examples of what I like. I'm a bass freak, I have to admit. The weird thing is that I hardly rave or dance at all (although I sometimes bust out on the Dance Dance Revolution games). I mostly just like listening and grooving to it. My backup music choices would be alternative and pop. (And of course, I dig a great deal of the old pop/synth 80s music, which I grew up with.)

Finally, there's certain types of music I'd rather not listen to. Criticize me if you want, but this stuff makes me run screaming from the room: Country, Modern R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Opera, Classic Rock, and Oldies. Granted, there are exceptions to all of these, but for the most part it's not my style. I can't help noticing that if it was produced before I was born (again, with a few exceptions) then it's pretty much off my list. I didn't really mean for it to be that way, but that's how it works.
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