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Updated: May 2010    
Back in the early 1990s, Anime in the United States was extremely rare, and when I was able to catch glimpses of Japanese Animation (Anime) cartoons, I was entranced and desperately clamored for more. It seemed like hard-to-find underground stuff.

But when two shows, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, became syndicated for U.S. television, I instantly became attached to them. March 1996 was when I began getting obsessed with the whole anime craze, shortly before the rest of the United States caught on. I made sure to record every episode on those things we called VHS players. Nowadays you can buy the entire series on DVD/Blu-ray, something which I have yet to finish doing.

Since Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball were mainstream favorites, I decided to expand into the more adult-oriented underground series and see what else was out there, with my first find being the (original) Dirty Pair. Throughout the next few years, I met some friends that had their digs with Anime. They happily let me borrow many series, such as Saber Marionette J, Visions of Escaflowne, Those Who Hunt Elves, Jubei-Chan, Kenshin, Video Girl AI, Cowboy Bebop, and many others.

Most Anime fans prefer their episodes in "subbed" format, which is the Japanese dialogue with English sub-titles, as opposed to the "dubbed" American dialogue that most people abhor, due to the bad voice acting and politically-correct inaccuracy (read: censorship) of what they're REALLY saying. Despite this, I usually pick dubbed over subbed because trying to read subtitles distracts me from the action going on. Sometimes I'll turn on both dubbed voices with english subtitles, and it's rather comical to see the vast difference between the (sometimes crude) Japanese translation vs. the completely different direction the American dub takes. Only if the American voices sound really bad/annoying will I watch a sub.

I still occasionally watch some anime series, though not often. Dedicating a part of my life to watching an entire series is long gone.

Even though it's far from finished, take a gander at my Anime page. If I ever get around to finishing it, I hope to let it age as a bunch of shrines.
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