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Half-Note Transcriptions
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Piano Your all-in-one solution for music-related services

Do you need that audition piece transposed to a higher or lower key?
Do you want professionally-printed music instead of hand-written manuscripts?
Do you have a song to sing, but can't find a piano accompanist to play it?

Half-Note Transcriptions (HNT) is your solution if you are in need of various types of music services, such as audio transcriptions, transposition to higher or lower keys, MIDI sequencing, or pro audio track recording.

HNT also offers local pianist services for weddings, memorials, parties, social gatherings, and other special occasions. (NOTE: Local piano services are limited to residents within a 50-mile radius of San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, USA)
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We expect to have our downloadable PDF brochure available sometime in Fall 2010. If you have questions, please read the contact information in the adjacent box.
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If you are at all interested in using one of our featured services, please use the contact form to send your message.
About HNT
About Half-Note Transcriptions
HNT was founded in 1997 by Joey Kincer, a long-time pianist and Advanced Theory musician. In 1981, before the age of 4, Joey began his piano studies, learning plenty of technique and theory during his 13 years of classical training. Starting so young, he had fortunately picked up the valuable asset of Perfect Pitch along the way.

Beginning high school in 1991, he enrolled in a music class that used computers and keyboards, in which he discovered the world of MIDI and electronic notation. Over the next few years, he learned to transcribe music at an increasingly rapid pace.

Entering college-level music in 1996, he took advanced theory and perfected how to write music in a professional notation. He was already working to transcribe and transpose music on an individual basis. It was then he decided to make a freelance profession out of it, hence the birth of Half-Note Transcriptions in 1997.

HNT became an affiliate of Enterprises in 2001.

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