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The Sailor Moon Andrew Shrine

May 10, 2010: And 4 years later, I've returned for another useless update. Just letting you know I'm still kicking.

I really showed up just for some maintenance, fixing a few more broken links and the like. I'm still not updating anything on this page, despite the fact that it looks really bad. The Andrew site was made in the day of dial-up modems, which is why everything seems so small. Believe it or not, this page STILL gets the most hits out of anything else on my entire website. Where ARE you guys coming from?

I've collected all 200 Sailor Moon episodes, but I need to go through them again. (I just spent the past few months watching all 153 episodes of the original Dragon Ball anime, and that was a doozie. A recap of Sailor Moon just might be next.) I'll be watching out for Andrew when I eventually view all the episodes again (so I can rightfully update the content on this page). I also need to figure out if I'm going to expand on the Andrew/Rita/Lita story below, or try a new direction. We'll see.

For the future: The complete episode list of Andrew appearances from all 5 Sailor Moon seasons, Andrew quotes, pics, and maybe sound clips! The Episode 122 (129) story in Sailor Moon S may be included into the future update, since it once again features Rita. Andrew shows up briefly, but hey it counts!

Welcome to the Andrew shrine, dedicated to one of the minor characters of the popular anime series. If you never watched any Sailor Moon episodes (which I'm sure you have), then you can learn about Serena's (Tsukino Usagi's) first crush. Check out the new features such as page stats, updated links, the latest news, and the Episode 25 story!

Episodes in red indicate an extremely brief showing of Andrew, not enough to count toward an actual appearance. All episodes up to 97 (104) accounted for appearances in the stats.
We first see Andrew (Motoki) in the beginning episodes working at the Crown Video-Arcade where Serena (Usagi) normally hangs out. His debut is American episode 2 where he talks to Luna as he is opening up the arcade. (In Japan, his debut was Japanese episode 2, which they cut from the American run, where Serena comes in to the arcade and Andrew helps her out). He is sporatically seen throughout the series. As with all minor characters, there's at least one episode where he's heavily featured. For Andrew, his climax is episode 25 (29), called "Too Many Girlfriends" ("Daikonsen! Gucha gucha koi no shikaku kankei"). Please read on for the full summary.

We start off the episode with Lita (Kino Makoto), who bumps into Andrew on the way to school. Since Lita has the hots for Andrew, they start talking and end up doing a cooking lesson at his apartment. Soon after, Andrew's girlfriend Rita Blake (Reika) shows up and tells him that she's been promoted, meaning she gets to go to Africa for 2 years, but she's not sure if it's worth losing Andrew. Darien and Andrew have a talk about it, but Andrew is destined to keep the relationship going.

Later in the afternoon, Lita comes over to start the cooking lessons. While cleaning, she sees a picture of Andrew and Rita together, and finds out the hard way about their relationship (as does Serena [Tsukino Usagi] later on.) She doesn't give up hope, as she goes to talk Rita into going to Africa. They attempt to meet Andrew at the arcades, but instead find Darien telling them to stop wasting their time. Meanwhile, the Negaverse (Queen Metallia) discovers that Rita is the carrier of the Blue Rainbow Crystal.

Both Lita and Serena go the next day to Andrew's apartment for the next cooking lesson, but a call from a depressed Rita interferes with their plans. Andrew goes off to his girlfriend, while Serena and Lita are left at his apartment. After almost giving up waiting, the Rainbow Crystal alert goes off, letting them know that trouble is brewing.

Andrew tries to protect his girlfriend from Zoycite (Zoisite) trying to regain the Blue Rainbow Crystal, but Zoycite succeeds and Rita turns into one of the seven Evils (youma), Techniclon. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter have a rough time until the other scouts show up. They eventually overcome the Evil (youma) and transform her back into Rita. As Serena returns drooling over Tuxedo Mask (Tuxedo Kamen), Lita will continue to flirt with Andrew, who says goodbye to Rita as she leaves for Africa.

Do you have any vital information, about or related to Andrew, that you think needs to be posted to this page? Contact me and let me know. Thanks!

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